What does a scrum master do?

A lot of clients ask me, what does a scrum master do?

More and more I stop using the term scrum master. A lot of business folks have difficulties with the terminology and job description found in literature.

I believe what an agile team basically needs is a project leader. Someone who uses a situational, empowering and inclusive management style. The term servant leadership coins it pretty well, but I found that also a hard title to sell to executives. They just don’t like the word servant.  So let’s just call it project leader.

Now what does a project leader do?

  • Facilitate teamwork
  • Coach and guard the agile principles and values
  • Help the team to reach their committed goals in any possible way
  • Build trust and close collaboration with all stakeholders

A good project leader makes true agility possible which results in competitive advantage, adaptability and organizational sustainability.
Aren’t these great targets to work towards?

About Nick Oostvogels

Hi, I'm an independent management consultant. My biggest strengths are located in the fields of teamwork, motivation, leadership and continuous improvement. In the IT industry you find a lot of these values in the agile movement, in which I often act as a project leader, product owner or coach. My interests go a lot further, into other industries where we find these values in lean production. Besides that, I try to broaden my horizon as much as possible, always looking for better ways of doing business.

One comment

  1. I prefer Team Leader, or Team Coach. Project leader implies a team can only be on one project, which is not always true, especially in support situations.

    Coach is a great term because a coach is a person that is invested in success/failure (winning/losing), but isn’t on the field doing the work. Their job is to provide the mentoring and tools (and environment) for the team to be able to succeed.

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